REACH Testimonials

We first learned about Chapel Haven from our son’s Riverview advisor, Ann Phelan, who was familiar with the program and its strong social communication component. When we visited, we were struck by the quality of the staff and the friendliness of the students. The program has been a wonderful next step after Riverview providing him the opportunity to continue developing his life skills and vocational opportunities and be part of a very welcoming, diverse and proud CH community. We are happy to be a reference and share our Chapel Haven experience with prospective parents.

Jerry & Gigi W. and Son, Harry

Chapel Haven was the perfect next step for our son after Riverview: continued training in life skills, banking, travel, and vocational opportunities all in an apartment setting with great support. We've been delighted with the transition and grateful for the thorough, thoughtful, warm Chapel Haven community.

Ann Foley & Josh S. and son, Nate

We are writing to thank you for all the work that Chapel Haven’s team has done to improve the quality of life of our son Josh Santana. All his previous academic life, the school typically provided services, however, we saw little improvement. For a long time we had feared that Josh would always be dependent of us, and we worried about what would happen when we were no longer around. During this past year and a half Josh has been attending Chapel Haven, he has grown as an individual and as a member of a community. For the first time in Josh’s life, we feel that he does not need us, and that if something were to happen to us, he would be able to live on his own. Josh joined the Chapel Haven community a year ago. At that moment in his life, he knew how to do some small chores, but until that point, he had never fully taken care of himself. He had always been too friendly, and because of it, he never went anywhere without our direct supervision. He loved to help anyone but didn’t have good boundaries to be able to maintain a job. He was 18 year old, and he was a good kid. After a year in Chapel Haven, he is rapidly becoming a young man. Right now he lives with two other roommates; he cooks, does his laundry, his housework, and his own groceries. He keeps a budget, goes to work, and is involved in his community through volunteering. For the first time in his life, he has real friends. With them, he goes to town or the movies, and he is in the process of learning how to travel taking public transportation on his own. He has matured socially and emotionally, and all that has happened in one year. Chapel Haven has provided a unique space with small classes and functional curriculum that has allowed for Josh to become independent. When Josh talks about his future now, he does it with confidence. He speaks about what will happen when he leaves Chapel Haven, and he has notified us that he plans to live with friends. He talks about continuing to work, about remaining to live within the Chapel Haven community. Josh now envisions a future in which all kinds of possibilities are open to him; he is a young man with a life ahead of him, and for that we thank you.

Vanessa G. and son, Josh