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The Chapel Haven Team

Michael Storz, President of Chapel Haven Inc., oversees programs in New Haven, CT and Tucson, Arizona, which teach people with autism spectrum ... Read More

Einera Beauvais is the Executive VP of Chapel Haven and a Registered Nurse. Einera oversees the medical component within the ... Read More >

Frank Hughes, is Vice-President of Finance at Chapel Haven Inc., and is responsible for the accounting and financial operations ... Read More >

Catherine Sullivan-DeCarlo is vice president of admissions and marketing. She oversees the admissions process for all three of ... Read More >

Sunny began her career at Chapel Haven in 1993 working for Tim Charron in the Recreation Program before moving on to REACH, Benefits ... Read More >

Sherry Robitaille is the Director of Quality Assurance. Sherry oversees Chapel Haven’s compliance with state licensing regulations ... Read More >

Christy Chandler has been in special education for over 10 years, including as a K-5 Special Education Teacher, a full-time mentor for new ... Read More >

Karin has over 25 years of experience working with children and adults with varying abilities, beginning as a special education paraprofessional ... Read More >

Jordan is the Director of the REACH Program. He is a certified Special Education teacher who has been with Chapel Haven since 2005, and has served as a teacher in the REACH program ... Read More >

Gina Apicella is the Director of the Asperger’s Syndrome Adult Transition (ASAT) program and is a Board Certified... Read More >

Emily Anne Westman is Supervisor of Recreation. Emily is no stranger to Chapel Haven. She worked at Chapel Haven from 2007-2014 as a ... Read More >

Danielle Chiaraluce is Executive Director of Chapel Haven’s Center for Employment Services and Opportunities and brings a wealth of experience...Read More >