Chapel Haven West – Supported Living & Bridge Programs

Chapel Haven West’s Supported Living Program offers a range of services to individuals who have graduated our program, want to move to Tucson to pursue independence, or who live in the Tucson area and are seeking support.

Residential graduates:

For students who still need extra support after the Residential Program, our Bridge and Supported Living programs provide a la carte services as needed. These includes social communication therapy, help with life skills and apartment living, college and employment coaching and support.

While the Residential Program is tuition-based, Supported Living is a fee for service program.

Day and Community Life Programs

Chapel Haven West is also proud to announce it has recently expanded its day and community life options for adults living within the Tucson area.

As an authorized vendor for the AZ State Department of Developmental Disabilities,many local families are unaware that their son or daughter’s DDD budget can often fund the bulk of programming for day services. 

Families can choose among:

The Community Life Program (CLP) - a structured,  community-focused day for individuals who are eager to live an active and structured life.

Chapel Haven’s CLP provides participants with opportunities including:

  • Social communication lessons to strengthen interpersonal skills through daily group discussions, assertiveness and vulnerability education, and incidental teaching opportunities
  • Explore, interact, and volunteer in the greater Tucson community with relationships at Ben's Bells, Hope Animal Shelter, TRAK and others
  • Preparation of healthy lunches
  • Daily exercise
  • Meaningful recreation and socialization activities throughout the community

Participants may enroll full-time or part-time

Other services

Chapel Haven West also offers a range of classes, social therapy, weekend recreation and services for interested families living within the Tucson area.

These services include:

Social Communicative Competency instruction: led by our expert certified speech and language pathologists, Social Communication Therapy helps adults learn to establish and maintain relationships, problem-solve social communication breakdowns and consider the perspectives of others 

College Support Program: We help college students focus on their studies while living in a supportive and safe environment. Participants receive targeted support in activities of daily living (life skills) including managing a monthly budget, maintaining a healthy lifestyle, time management and organizing belongings. We promote academic success and help individuals maintain a clean and healthy living space.


Chapel Haven West offers vocational training, including hands-on work study placements and job development for paid employment.


Chapel Haven West offers a comprehensive recreation program, with hundreds of chaperoned activities a year, including movies, shopping trips, baseball games, restaurant visits, theater productions and hiking.

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