Chapel Haven West – Admissions

Chapel Haven West serves men and women, 18 years of age and older.

The admissions process is designed to give the applicant and family a comprehensive view of Chapel Haven West’s programs. The Vice President of Admissions begins the process by reviewing intake materials such as recent psychological/neuropsychological and functional adaptive evaluations, IEPs and vocational assessments. Next, the prospective applicant and interested parties are invited for a tour and interview.

Our clients are:

  • 18 +, with autism spectrum/mild developmental disorders
  • High school graduates or still completing high school credits through their IEPs
  • Emotionally and behaviorally stable
  • Motivated to eventually transition into independent, productive lives, make friends, acquire social competency and adaptive skills and work toward individual goals.

For information, please call the Admissions Office, Chapel Haven, Inc.

203-397-1714, Ext. 185 or 148
1-877-8CH WEST
Fax: 203-937-2466


Annual Tuition for 2019: $67,500

Rates vary for other program options, please contact for details


Admissions-Non-Residential Clients

All potential Chapel Haven clients, even those accessing our services on a limited basis, meet with the Admissions Department. To apply for any of Chapel Haven’s services, including Employment Services, Recreation Services, Supported Living Program, Education Program, Bridge or the Community Life Program please call the Admissions Department at 203-397-1714 ext. 148 or 877-824-9378.

How to apply to Chapel Haven West:

You can request literature be sent to you by clicking here.

Click here to apply online.

Then the process is as follows:

Step 1: Intake Materials

As a follow up to an initial telephone inquiry, the Admissions Office will request the prospective applicant’s records, such as: academic (Current IEP), vocational assessment, social emotional development and psychological evaluation. After reviewing the intake records, a tour and interview date will be established. We generally require the applicant and parent(s) participate in a tour, so the applicant may make an informed decision when considering our program.

Step 2: Tour and Interview

Prospective students will join their family members on an interview and tour of our Tucson campus. This provides the prospective student with more information about the Chapel Haven West program, students, and staff.  It also serves as an informal interview that provides admissions staff with more information about the prospective student’s strengths and needs.  During the tour, the team may bring the applicant family to the University of Arizona, to show you how we use the college campus as an integral part of our program. At the conclusion of the tour and interview, the applicant may also opt to sit in on a sampling of classes.

Following the interview, the student and family will be notified by the Admissions Office of admission to the program.

Step 3: Acceptance

The Admissions Office will notify prospective students and their families when the candidate is accepted for admission, typically within a week of the sample day.  A confirmation letter of admission will be sent, which includes a 30-day notice for the advanced deposit payment necessary in order to reserve space in the program. Acceptance is based on July admission; however, when a student slot is available during the year, a student may be admitted at an agreed upon time and based on apartment availability.

Admissions Status Tracking

After your application is submitted, you will be able to print the completed application and required supplemental forms, track online your progress through our admissions process, monitor when the school has received the required supplemental application forms and, if necessary, reprint the  supplemental forms. To view your application status, please use your username and password to access your account.

We appreciate your interest and look forward to meeting you. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at 203-397-1714 x185 or x148.