ASAT Community Outreach Services

The Asperger Syndrome Adult Transition (ASAT) Program at Chapel Haven provides an array of services to support individuals with Asperger’s and related diagnoses to live increasingly independent and productive lives.

Our Community Outreach program offers a menu of services available to both our graduating residential students, and adults living within the Greater New Haven area who can benefit independently from our services. The ASAT Community Outreach Program provides supports where appropriate for employment/college, recreation and leisure. Continued social communication intervention, as well as job development services, are also available to those in the ASAT Community Outreach Program. Generally, as a participant settles into community life, these services decrease.

Independent Living Services

Chapel Haven’s Independent Living Services center on the assignment of a Community Advisor skills who will help both our residential graduates and community members outside of our community learn about independent living. The Community Advisor helps with skills such as: cooking, cleaning, shopping and budgeting.

We also help our adults with learning how to navigate outside resources such as medical services, laundry and dry cleaning, and community recreation. Learning how to develop a network of support which may include family, friends, and professionals

College Supports Services

Chapel Haven’s ASAT program is highly skilled in helping adults succeed in college. Our services include:

  • How to research/access financial aid self advocacy on campus
  • organizing and preparing for college assignments
  • identifying and utilizing supports on the college campus to ensure success with complete college programming.

Some clients enroll in ASAT just for help with college success. Others choose to also access our help with Life Skills, Social Communication, Weekend Social Recreation and other key areas of our community.

Employment Services

Chapel Haven works closely with outside agencies for job development services and supports with facilitating and monitoring appointments and progress. A Community Advisor from Chapel Haven is available to assist individuals with resources in the community such as BRS (Bureau for Rehabilitative Services), how to conduct a quality job search and help in meeting competitive employment goals.

A new Center for Employment Services and Opportunities at Chapel Haven is also helping ASAT individuals gain competitive employment matched to their areas of interest.

Social Recreation Program

The ASAT program offers a range of social activities on evenings and weekends that individuals living within Greater New Haven can enjoy. All activities are client-directed. Some are chaparoned by staff, others are independent. Weekend recreation involves a monthly membership fee and costs associated with each trip. To learn more, send an email to

Social Communication Services

Ongoing social communication therapy is available to adults living within our geographic area who are not residential students of ASAT Individual and group intervention sessions are offered, with group programming dependent on the availability of appropriate group members. Assistance with planning and scheduling of social activities is also available. In addition to direct, regularly scheduled intervention, a speech-language pathologist is able to provide intermittent consultative services to address communication needs in educational, work or other specific environments.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Services (CBT)

Chapel Haven’s ASAT program also offers Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) sessions with our Cognitive Behavioral Therapist to adults living within our area. Applicants may meet with the Cognitive Behavioral Therapist on a regular basis or can schedule appointments on an as needed basis. The CBT Process involves targeting specific problems and developing a treatment plan.

Some areas the CBT may address include:

  • increasing your coping skills through teaching stress management relaxation
  • time management skills
  • problem-solving skills
  • assertiveness training, modeling and self-monitoring techniques.