ASAT Admissions

Direct all inquiries to:
Office of Admissions

203-397-1714 ext. 185
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How to apply to the ASAT Program:


Step 1: Intake Materials

As a follow up to an initial telephone inquiry, the Admissions Office will ask prospective families to apply using our easy, online application process. See the "Apply Now" button above. You will create an account and will be prompted to supply the prospective applicant’s records, such as: academic (Current IEP), vocational assessment, social emotional development and psychological evaluation. After reviewing the intake records, a tour and interview date will be established. We generally require the applicant and parent(s) participate in a tour, so the applicant may make an informed decision when considering our program.

Step 2: Tour and Interview

Prospective students will join their family members on an interview and tour of our campus. This provides the prospective student with more information about the ASAT program, students, and staff.  It also serves as an informal interview that provides admissions staff with more information about the prospective student’s strengths and needs.  At the conclusion of the tour and interview, an invitation may be extended to participate in a sample experience.

Step 3:  Sample Experience

Prospective day students will be required to spend the day as a typical ASAT student.  They may attend ASAT classes, have lunch with a current ASAT student and staff, and complete an interview with ASAT staff.  Students receive one-on-one and small group supports during the visit, and are assessed across the classroom and community settings.  Prospective residential students will be required to complete a three-day overnight assessment, which includes social communication, life skills and community safety assessments. Applicants will be asked to pay a fee for the assessment, which includes a detailed social communication and independent evaluation. The process culminates with a team meeting, after which the student and family will be notified of admission to the program.

Step 4: Acceptance

The Admissions Office will notify prospective students and their families when the candidate is accepted for admission, typically within a week of the sample experience. A confirmation letter of admission will be sent, which includes a 30-day notice for the advanced deposit payment necessary in order to reserve space in the program. Acceptance is based on rolling admission.

Admissions Status Tracking

After your application is submitted, you will be able to print the required supplemental forms, track online your progress through our admissions process, monitor when the school has received the required supplemental application forms and, if necessary, reprint the  supplemental forms. To view your application status, please use your username and password to access your account.

We appreciate your interest and look forward to meeting you. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at 203-397-1714 x185.

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