The following on March 18, 2020 is the latest communication sent to our staff, families and friends with regard to Coronavirus (COVID-19):

Dear Families, Staff and Friends:

Dear Chapel Haven Schleifer Center Families and Staff:

Today, we received a visitation order from CT Governor Ned Lamont and the state Department of Developmental Services that mandates our agency to impose a complete ban on visitors to our campus.

For the health and safety of all, please be advised that we are mandated to follow this policy.

The mandate states that “all residential facilities for persons with intellectual disability…and facilities operated by the State Department of Developmental Services (DDS) shall impose a complete ban on all visitors to such facilities for a period of 30 days” effective this week.

The mandate offers four exceptions:

  • First responders
  • Family members, domestic partners or other persons but only at the direction of that individual’s licensed physician and in specific medical circumstances as per the order below.
  • Any person authorized by law to investigate the provision of care and services to individuals
  • Service providers who are required to do maintenance or repair necessary for the facility’s continued operation

We are obligated to follow the state’s mandate. Please be aware that we will follow the State of Connecticut’s mandated protocols for any individual meeting the category above and wishing to enter our campus. We will administer a risk assessment and will be legally, now by state mandate, prohibited from allowing a visitor or staff person who has any of these conditions:

  • a temperature of 100 or higher (our staff are currently following 99 or higher)
  • a recent travel history
  • has had contact with an individual confirmed or presumed to be positive for the Corona virus
  • has a condition with any of these factors: sneezing; cough; sore throat; shortness of breath
  • who has recently traveled by airplane.

The health and safety of our adults, staff and families comes first. We also recognize that we serve a medically vulnerable population.

Experts are recommending social distancing and enhanced hygiene as two of the most effective precautions at this time.

Read the full DDS Visitation Order here: DDS Visitation Order

Safe practices

In order to further spread any chance of exposure to the virus, we have also informed our students, community members and staff that taking public transportation is prohibited until further notice to avoid exposure.Examples of public transportation include bus, train, airplane, subway – any form of mass transportation that draws a lot of people. Community members are encouraged to consider using ride services such as Uber or Lyft or calling their Chapel Haven staff for assistance as we may be available to provide such supports. Please know that any adult at Chapel Haven or staff who have taken public transportation will be asked not to come on campus, and we will recommend that they consider quarantining for at least 14 days.

Thank you for your continued support and cooperation as we weather through the unusual circumstances of Coronavirus (COVID-19).

Questions? Reach out to program staff or myself with any questions you may have. You can reach me at

Michael Storz, President

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